We are experts
in the administration
of employee benefits
since 1991

Serving Quebec SMBs

Medirect is a company specializing in the administration of benefits that are offered by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Quebec to their employees. Medirect’s software suite manages all processes relating to the administration of group benefits and payroll management.

Founded in 1991

Transferts Medirect Inc. simply known as Medirect was founded by the father-son duo of Laval and Bruno Mathieu. Medirect began its operations as the leading carrier of electronic claims between pharmacies in Quebec and payers of group insurance plans. This led to the market introduction of the first drug payment card. Since then, Medirect has expanded its services to offer a more comprehensive group benefits administration solution integrated with payroll and using advanced technologies.

Why do employers choose

We are independent from insurers and other service providers

Medirect is completely independent from insurers, pharmacies and any other group benefit service providers. This neutrality gives Medirect a major advantage as our attention is 100% focused on the needs of employers and their employees.

We do not do business
with any subcontractors

Apart from the information transport networks, Medirect does not do business with any other subcontractors. All benefit administration processes are carried out and supervised exclusively by Medirect. Employers who entrust us with the administration of their group benefits, have complete confidence that no other provider that may have interests other than their own, is involved in the administration of their group benefits.

We are the most innovative in our field

Since its beginning, Medirect has introduced several administrative and technological solutions that have greatly contributed to improving the administration of group benefits and ensuring better cost control. We are constantly looking out for ways to improve our solutions in order to make them more effective.

We are a one-stop-shop
for services

We are one of the few companies in Quebec to offer employers a comprehensive, flexible and integrated solution for the administration of group insurance, group savings plans and payroll. We take care of everything with rigor and professionalism while preserving the confidentiality, security and integrity of the information provided to us. Employers and their employees benefit from the most user-friendly client service experience through our secure web portals giving access to all of their benefits, all the time.

We offer flexible and personalized services

We can personalize our services to the specific needs of employers and their employees. We administer all types of benefits from the more traditional to the most flexible. In addition, we can manage multiple insurers and service providers allowing employers to make the best decision for their needs.

We offer a different
and competitive pricing

For group insurance plans, many insurers and providers calculate their fees as a percentage of premiums or payments made. For example, their fees automatically increase at the rate of inflation for drugs and other health care services. At Medirect, we set our pricing based on the number of employees and the number of benefits we administer. Our fees are thus easily predictable from one year to the next without any unpleasant surprises.

We are experts in administration systems and analysis

We manage all group benefits administration processes internally. We have full control over our solutions as well as their evolution. We are one of the few administrators whose solutions encompass the online adjudication of all types of drug, health and dental claims, payroll management and recordkeeping of employee accounts for group insurance and savings plans.

We have access to all of the data and can easily perform in-depth analysis of the use of benefits and suggest options for better cost control and, subsequently, integrate them in our solutions.

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