Since its inception, Medirect has introduced several administrative and technological solutions that have greatly contributed to improving the administration of benefits and ensuring better cost control.

Administration of group insurance plans

The services offered by Medirect for the administration of group insurance plans are numerous. Here is an overview of what we offer:

Data analysis and statistical reports

  • Logging of employee information, insured and non insured benefits, or claims data, in a single location within the Medirect software suite.
  • Production of relevant online statistical reports for analysis or for renewal at the frequency chosen by employers.

Management of employee account

  • Electronic transmission of employee data through the payroll system.
  • Management of employee accounts in accordance with parameters established in concert with employers, consultants, insurers and providers.

Management of employee enrolment

  • Transmission to employees by email of the instructions for activating their
  • Activation is done online via the secure web portal.

Premiums billing

  • Calculation of premiums by insured and non insured benefits on a monthly, weekly, daily basis or any other frequency chosen by employers.
  • Payment of premiums by electronic transfer to insurers and other providers.

Medirect card

  • Transmission of the Medirect card to employees upon enrolment.
  • Real-time processing of drugs, dental and health claims provided by professionals registered with Medirect.
  • The card offers direct or deferred payment or a combination of both.

Management and payments of claim requests

  • Transmission of claims via the Medirect card, the secure web portal, the mobile application or the required form available online.
  • Electronic submission of a simple picture of the invoice is usually sufficient.
  • Payment of claims according to the method chosen by the employer.
  • Monitoring the processing of claims via the secure web portal or the mobile application.

Management of evidence of insurability

  • Follow-up with the evidence of insurability for the concerned.

Calculation tools

  • Fiscal optimization of premium sharing between employers and employees using various methods.
  • Cost simulator for plans offering options to employees.
  • Calculation of balances for claims that are subject to maximums.
  • Calculation of balances for health benefit accounts and others.
  • Calculation of tax benefits.
  • Calculation of theoretical premiums for self-insured benefits.
  • Calculation of retroactive premium adjustments, if applicable.

Secure web portals

  • Access to secure web portals available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for employers, employees and consultants.

Mobile application for employees

  • Submission of claims via mobile with a simple photo of the invoice.
  • Monitoring of the processing of claims via mobile.

1-877 phone line

  • Phone line Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST for employers, employees and consultants.

Administration of group savings plans

The administration service for group savings plans is available to employers whose financial institution or investment manager is willing to delegate the record keeping of their employees to Medirect. In such a case, here is an overview of the services we offer:

At plan enrolment

  • Online employer enrolment.
  • Preparation and transmission of plan documents to employers for signature.
  • Online employee enrolment via the secure web portal.
  • Preparation and submission of documents required by the authorities, if applicable.

Employee communication

  • Welcome letters giving the web access parameters to employees allowing them to enrol online and obtain information on the plan and the investment funds.
  • Preparation and transmission of annual statements and statements in the event of termination of employment, retirement, death, or divorce.
  • Preparation of required notices to employees, if applicable.

Ongoing administration services

  • Opening and management of employee contribution accounts.
  • Electronic remittance of employer contributions and attributing them  to employee contribution accounts.
  • Transfer between investment funds as directed by employees, if applicable.
  • Withdrawals or transfers from employee accounts according to their instructions and applicable legislation.
  • Production and transmission of annual information returns and tax slips.
  • Approval of transfers from external plans when permitted by the plan and applicable legislation.
  • Access for employers to online reports on the secure web portal allowing them to monitor or obtain information about the plan or the investment funds.
  • Access to a secure web portal for employers and employees.

Medirect-Admin: Administrative system and payroll management

The Medirect-Admin administration system is available to employers for whom Medirect administers their group benefits. The system offers the following functions:

  • Management of clients, providers and enrolments/contracts.
  • Managements of employees, schedules and holidays
  • Timekeeping for employers with  :
    • Professionals who invoice according to the hours worked.
    • Hourly rate employees whose time is controlled using an RFID time clock.
  • Remittance of payroll deductions
  • Payroll calculations
  • General ledger management including:
    • Journal entries.
    • Trial balance.
    • Financial reports.
  • Client invoicing and accounts receivables management
  • Management of banking operations
    • Generate cheques.
    • Deposits.
    • Bank transfers.
    • Bank reconciliation.
    • Etc.